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Endodontics (Root Canals)

­A root canal is a procedure completed when decay will likely, or has already, killed the nerve found in a tooth. During a root canal, the dentist cleans and fills the canal (with a material that is compatible with the tooth) in the area where the nerve was once found. Root canal therapy is completed to prevent further infection and the loss of the tooth. Once a root canal is completed, it is recommended that a post (thin metal rod inserted into the root of a tooth after root canal therapy) and crown are placed on the tooth to protect and prevent further damage to the tooth. The best way to be certain that a root canal therapy is needed is to have the area inspected by a dentist so that he/she may clearly identify any issues with the nerve.

Signs that a Root Canal May be needed:

1. Pain and swelling around a particular tooth

2.  Sensitivity to hot and cold substances

3. An abscess (blister) found near the tooth. (This is evidence of an infection in the site)

4. At times, there may be no symptoms due to an already killed nerve.


Simple and Surgical extractions for any teeth including wisdom teeth.