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Dental Implants

A dental implant is a procedure completed when there is the absence of a tooth. A dental implant can be used to upgrade a removable denture and create a fixed piece that can make eating more comfortable. This procedure is completed to prevent damage to the viable teeth in the area surrounding the gap of a missing tooth. An implant is usually completed in two sessions:

1.     The surgical placement of the implant

2.     The placement of the implant crown and abutment six months after the placement of the implant.

Who qualifies for an implant?

Any person, who is in good health and can withstand a surgical procedure, may qualify for the placement of a dental implant. In order to maintain the implant in the area permanently, the patient must have sufficient bone and healthy gums. Artificial bone and membrane can be used to substitute for poor bone and gums. An oral exam should be completed with a dentist to assure that the area can in fact withstand a dental implant.